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3 min readMay 11, 2021


Through 2021, organic visibility will become the most valuable and sustainable resource for businesses requiring constant streams of inbound leads and new customers

And people thought SEO was dead…

Quite the opposite.

Apple announced in Q1 2021 that they will be allowing all their users the ability to Opt-Out of ads across Facebook; meaning businesses can no longer reach iOS users through Facebook. Android will soon follow suit. And there lies the conundrum that many businesses face…

Google Ads policies continue to become tighter, whilst Costs Per Click rise to their highest average levels in history. Google Ads are unsustainable and have become far less effective since the Covid19 pandemic.

SEO is sustainable. SEO is constant. SEO is the future… When done properly!

And there lies the conundrum that many businesses face… Done properly. We live in an era of AI and machine learning, meaning those businesses that fail to adopt white hat search engine optimisation are not only going to be left behind, but will unlikely never be able to recover ranks and visibility.

Fortunately, the time to adopt a modern SEO approach is now. Google is preparing the launch of a full-scale Core Web Vitals algorithm update. This new Core Web Vitals update along with RankBrain is going to leave many business owners scratching their heads when their website ranks fall off a cliff over the coming months.

Do not be one of those business owners. Join our acclaimed, tried, and tested enterprise SEO framework, and aggressively capture organic market share and sustained Page 1 ranks.

SEO Formula for Success

This SEO framework has accelerated hundreds of businesses to the top of Googles search results under business critical and competitive key search terms, all over the world and across a wide range of industry types.

You can have it for free!

Follow this framework, and your business can too secure and sustain top ranks:

Follow this framework, and your business can too secure and sustain top ranks:

+ Friendly UX, Web Structure & Usability/Experience
+ Click Through Rate (CTR) Optimisation via META
+ Link Equity Flow Optimisation (Link Silos)
+ Website Speed & Performance
− Core Web Vitals Optimisation
+ Rich & Valuable Content
+ Targeted Outreach
+ Accurate Local NAP Data/Local Pack Optimisation
− Google My Business
− Geo Data + Social Reach & Engagement
+ Considered & Relevant Link Acquisitions

= Sustained Top Level Google Ranks

Forget everything else you have been told about SEO. Follow this framework, earn your link, do not buy your links, and your website will rank on page 1 under competitive search terms.

Our Digital Marketing Agency is based in Queensland, Australia with studios in both Sunshine Coast and Brisbane. We help businesses all over the world capture and sustain top level ranks. We are a full-service digital agency and acclaimed SEO company, founded by Anthony Godley

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