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Use AMP (Accelerated Mobile Pages) to amplify your content in 2020

AMP (Accelerated Mobile Pages) is a hot topic right now. A lot of questions are being asked, a lot of different answers are being produced. In this AMP Guide for 2020, an accurate overview of the benefits of implemented Accelerated Mobile Pages will be provided.

Across all the reported benefits of AMP implementation the following four benefits represent the most beneficial:

  1. Faster mobile load time
  2. Lower mobile bounce rate
  3. Greater flexibility and performance for mobile websites (AMP Framework)
  4. Improved mobile search engine optimisation (AMP SEO)

These 7 considerations, which are highly focused towards mobile performance and accelerated mobile pages will help your website overcome your organic competition in 2020.

Anthony Godley | Digital Innovation, Digital Governance & Digital Transformation for 2020

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Amplify Your Rankings With Speed

Accelerated Mobile Pages is a tool which allows you to reduce mobile load speed providing your website a performance boost which would see your site rank above your competitors, especially those that are not utilising Accelerated Mobile Pages.

If your brand, as most brands do, heavily relies on organic visibility then AMP is an absolutely must for your website.

As the future of search moves even more to FAST INFO, the internet also continues to move fast and AMP is in direct response to the demand for information to be delivered quickly and efficiently on mobile devices.

Let’s look at AMP in more detail.

Accelerated Mobile Pages Explanation

In brief, these are pages that have been streamlined in their coding and content structures to improve load speed.

The pages have had extra content and unnecessary JavaScript and CSS significantly stripped from them which speeds up website load speed and performance dramatically. Modern templates are known to have vast amounts of additional JavaScript and CSS which are detrimental to overall website performance and in particular, mobile performance.

The performance and speed improvements will help when competing for major and competitive search terms and it is only a matter of time before your competitors take advantage of AMP; you do not want to be left behind.

Mobile First Indexing

Many businesses still do not realise that mobile web pages need to be optimised aggressively. In this modern era of search engine optimisation, search engine ranks are heavily reliant on mobile website design so if you are relying on your desktop web pages alone, you are potentially damaging search performance and ranking opportunities.

Have an audit completed that focuses on existing mobile performance and get to work on producing the list of improvement actions to ensure that mobile speed and performance are optimised.

Remember, mobile responsive web pages and mobile friendly themes are extremely important factors in overall search authority.

Rich, Relevant, High Quality Content

Content and sustained highly visible ranks go hand in hand. And, content optimised for mobile viewing with efficient and quick access to content relevant to the web pages will enhance mobile performance radically. Mobile experience including content quality, density and relevance and significant ranking factors.

When developing content for your mobile web pages, think about what your target audience will likely be looking for from the web page, how can the content encourage a sign up or demo request, how can the content be streamlined to be short and effective whilst still being relevant, factual and valuable.

Google has now become so sophisticated that it can assess content quality and relevance by user behaviour and actions. Keep that in mind as your content and how users interact with it is being looked at by Google.

Keep Things Simple

It is easy to over complicate the process of creating or optimising mobile pages and mobile content. Remember, simple and relevant content is what you need for an effective mobile experience. Try to ensure your landing pages are easy to digest with simple, but clear calls to action.

Consider questions that your audience may ask when landing on the web page. Does your content answer them?

Fast & Responsive Design

Using Google Speed Insights, test your websites desktop and mobile speed. Your site should load quickly as Google demands quick loading websites as a key factor within experience and performance rank factors.

Your website should render perfectly on mobile devices including the functionality of image sliders, banners and visual representation of content.

Ensure your website is tested on an iOS/Android phone and iOS/Android tablet as well as multiple desktop browsers to get a true sense of how your site renders.

Conversion Tools

If possible utilise free trial or demo popups or call to actions to grab attention and create quick lead generation opportunities. If you operate a Saas model, then a free trial can create a consistent stream of leads, if you are a lawyer, perhaps a free consultation. Be creative with an offer that your user can not overlook and encourage those demo, trial or more information requests.

Increase Click Through Rates

Although META has no rank factor benefit, it can help CTR (Click Through Rates). Improve CTR by optimising your title and descriptive tags and ensure they are highly relevant, well structured snippets of content which utilise keywords relevant to the page. Although META alone has no impact on rank factor, an efficient and increasing click through rate does impact rank factor so this is a very useful exercise.

For more trending digital content and to learn how to outrank your competitors in 2020 join me on LinkedIn.




Innovator | Disruptive Marketeer | Growth Hacker | SEO | Paid | Organic. Founder of Logix BPO | www.logixbpo.com

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Logix BPO

Logix BPO

Innovator | Disruptive Marketeer | Growth Hacker | SEO | Paid | Organic. Founder of Logix BPO | www.logixbpo.com

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